Friday, July 10, 2009

Bake Tribble Cupcakes

Today my sister got in on the dorky action as well. She's a great baker so she greatly assisted me on this project. Warning: If you are expecting Klingons avoid this recipe!

TRIBBLE cupcakes from the Original Star Trek series!!!

Can't you just hear them purr? I love these soft, cooing fuzzballs. Come on even Spock likes these guys and he's a logical half human/half Vulcan bad ass.

So if your interested in sharing in the Tribble goodness here's the procedure.
Firstly, you want to gather your supplies for your cupcakes.

You will need a box of cake mix, cupcake liners, water, eggs, and some vegetable oil.
Now follow the directions on your cake box!

Assimilate it like the BORG!

Mix the Shatner out of it!

It's the Transporter pad.

The mix is being beamed down.


Now for the fuzzy frosting. The frosting that works best is butter cream frosting. We sadly were forced to experiment with a few recipes, but lucky for you I will give you a link to the one we found worked the best!
Buttercream Icing Recipe

Here are the ingredients that we used, they are listed in the link above.

The key to making the fur without making each individual strand is this little baby. The Wilton tip #233, it cost $1.50 at our craft store.
Warp Speed.

Warp 9.9!!!
Here's a neat hint from my sister for filling up your frosting bags. If you don't have anyone to hold your bags while you fill them give this technique a shot.

Now you start to give your bald Tribble a fur coat! Now every time I see a bald cupcake I no longer see a muffin, I see a tribble.

However you should be careful because they reproduce at incredible speeds! Born pregnant and with sufficient food a single tribble can quickly increase its number exponentially through presumably asexual reproduction, bearing an average litter of ten every twelve hours. This little guy below did just that after feasting on some left over frosting. We were in for a shock!


That's it for today, check back tomorrow.


  1. kelly, you are ADORABLE. also those look good [i think, i'm not actually too sure what tribble(s) are? but either way, looks great. :]

  2. Thank you guys. And Nina you should watch the episode, tribbles are one of the things star trek is famous for. :)

  3. I'm making these for my wedding!! We're having a TOS themed wedding, and I'm going to make these along with his uniform grooms cake! :)

  4. These are spock-tacular.
    My Trekkie friends and I will attempt these. =D Thanks for your recipe! LL&P \\//_

  5. Trying these out this weekend :D They look amazing and will be purrfect (coo?) for my best friend's birthday :D

  6. You are hilarious. I am going to make these for Star Trek at the Hollywood Bowl this Friday.