Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kermit the Frog Cake

It was my boyfriend's birthday on 11th. He loves the Muppets and he does a wicked Kermit the frog impression. So I made him a Kermit cake. Kermit is constructed from a devil's food cake, cream cheese frosting, food coloring and mini chocolate chips.

I'll like to thank my roommate Kelsey. She's always willing to lead a hand. Speaking of roommates I think all of them deserve a shout out. (Meghan and Kez you guys rock!)We learned the Kermit looks like an ODDISH at this stage of his development.

Soulless Kermit will haunt your dreams!

Chop off Kermit's eye's first, he will be absolutely thrilled! I think we did a pretty fine job. Happy Birthday Justin! If anyone is wondering he loved the cake. :)

Everything's HunkyDorky,

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Doctor Who Halloween Costumes

Last night was a Halloween filled with Gallifreyan goodness. My friends and I dressed as characters from the popular British Doctor Who Series. (I'm the Dalek) We all love the show so we just had to do it. Sadly, since this is the states very few people knew who we were. However the ones that did, definitely we're filled with fanboy joy. We entered the costume contest with lots of cheers from the audience. However, we didn't win because none of the judges knew who we were supposed to be. Either way it was great fun. I just hope that when everyone went home Halloween night and google searched Doctor Who.

At least I know that you all will appreciate our hard work. The Tardis is now sitting in our living room next to our Tenth Doctor poster.
Everything's HunkyDorky,
Kelly Szpunar