Sunday, October 18, 2009

Edible Snails

A week back was my friend's Nina's birthday. So we made snails. She LOVES snails! The first thing we did was bake a box of brownies. Next we took the brownies and mushed them up with 3/4 can of cream cheese frosting. We shaped them into disks. Put them in the freezer for 15 minutes or leave them in the fridge for a few hours.It was 2 in the morning when we did this. So we ended up making the excess into this.
I know classy right.
The next day we sent it across the hall with our friend to eat in front of his roommates and this is what happened.

We dipped the brownie disks in white chocolate to make the snail shells. We used marshmallow fondant dyed with food coloring to create the bodies.
Here's the elusive snailacorn! .
She really loved the result. Happy Birthday Nina Snail! I would like the thank my friends for all they're help making these sweet little critters.
Everything's Hunkdorky,

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Circuit Board Cake

Today when I checked my inbox I found this awesome techy cake:

This cake was made by Hunky Dorky reader Kaylen Treu for her father's birthday! He's one lucky nerd Dad! Wait, is that a dad whose a nerd or the father of one? Hmm, I guess in this family it applies both ways.

Here's Kaylen's directions on how she created this computer chip confectionery.

You make your cake, whatever flavor, (this one is excellent: and wait until it cools. You have to flip it out onto a cake board. If the top is't flat enough, cut that part off. Frost it with some homemade buttercream icing (good recipe: Dye the fondant that dark green color by mixing black and green (use gloves) and save a lump to dye the light green color by using just a little bit of the green. Wilton's icing coloring works well. For the circuitry use Royal Icing ( It's the stuff you use on a ginger bread house and it doesn't taste all that good but it's just for a little design.

Thanks for sharing Kaylen! I'm sure your dad was thrilled.

Everything's HunkyDorky,