Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tardis Ipod Case

This is what I had to make after watching all of BBC's new Doctor Who series in about two days. I really feel like I missed the boat on this great sci fi series for way too long (I've only saw a few episode before). I just love it. It's really original TV.
Thanks to my Doctor Who over indulgence I was inspired to make a Tardis case for my ipod nano. Now it's nice and safe in the blue box. Firstly I would like to state, I've not sewn since six grade homec class. I wasn't very good at it then either. My mom was a wonderful help with this. I think my inspiration took over my inability. It's a good project for beginners (like me).
My favorite feature of my new Tardis case is this:
The Doctor is In.
It glows inside when my ipod is on! I didn't discover
this until about half way through making it. It made me very happy.
I just love it's quirky homemade charm.
So if your interested in your own, this is how it came to be.

  • blue, black, yellow, white fabric (I used felt that costed 30 cents a piece, I would recommend something of better qualilty now that I made mine)
  • matching thread
  • needle
  • fabric glue
  • pins
  • fabric scissors
  • ruler
  • cardboard
  • velcro for fabric
  • ipod
  • keychain
I started with a quick sketch.
New I placed my ipod on the felt about 3/4" away from both sides and cut it down.
Then I folded it to create a pocket.
Pin the pouch in place.Sew up the sides and remove the excess with scissors.Now you want to create the front of the Tardis. I measured the center
point and drew out my design using a ball point pen.Cut out the windows and sign.
Glue white felt inside top of the case.
Use dark blue thread to add your window panes to your Tardis.Use felt covered cardboard to create the top and a piece of black felt for the top sign.
When covering the cardboard make sure to leave excess on the bottom to attach it to your case. Now create a strip of yellow for the inner lining of your case.
Add the key chain and the farbic velcro (I had to sew mine on).On a side note my sister made cupcake cakeballs for our friend's birthday party. I thought she did a fine job so I thought I'd post them. If you would like the recipe you can find it here.
Thanks for reading and good day to all.

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