Saturday, October 3, 2009

Circuit Board Cake

Today when I checked my inbox I found this awesome techy cake:

This cake was made by Hunky Dorky reader Kaylen Treu for her father's birthday! He's one lucky nerd Dad! Wait, is that a dad whose a nerd or the father of one? Hmm, I guess in this family it applies both ways.

Here's Kaylen's directions on how she created this computer chip confectionery.

You make your cake, whatever flavor, (this one is excellent: and wait until it cools. You have to flip it out onto a cake board. If the top is't flat enough, cut that part off. Frost it with some homemade buttercream icing (good recipe: Dye the fondant that dark green color by mixing black and green (use gloves) and save a lump to dye the light green color by using just a little bit of the green. Wilton's icing coloring works well. For the circuitry use Royal Icing ( It's the stuff you use on a ginger bread house and it doesn't taste all that good but it's just for a little design.

Thanks for sharing Kaylen! I'm sure your dad was thrilled.

Everything's HunkyDorky,

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