Saturday, July 11, 2009

Make an Alien Book Hugger

I would like to thank the awesome Geek Crafts for featuring this craft. It is a true honor and they definitely get the hunkydorky seal of approval.

Today's project is a tribute to my love of the Alien films. Which will likely be a recurring theme in this blog. On a personal note, I like to pretend that the 3rd and 4th films don't exist (It makes my life better). So on to the craft, this much nicer species of the alien parasite holds your place in your book. Instead of impregnating you with a murderous newborn, it's much nicer to have around. With this bookmark you can make it as simple or as detailed as you want.
First if you would like to create one here is my pattern:
You are meant to cut the outer and red solid lines and fold on the dotted. However, I didn't find folding to be necessary. Mine is sized about 4"x8", but feel free to adjust it to the size that is right for you.

By the way, this is just the process that I used so you can change it if you would like. A simpler way would be to color it in on a coloring program and print out both sides on a piece of card stock.

Supply list: Facehugger pattern, cereal box, pencil and graphite stick, scissors/xacto knife, glue stick, acrylic paint, color pencils or any other coloring media you want to use.

I used a Special K box for mine.

So first we have to transfer the image onto the cardboard, and this is the simplest and cheapest way that I know how to do it. First you want to flip over the image to the back. Now you want to cover the ghost image with graphite. You can use a pencil for this, but a graphite stick covers quicker. Then you flip you pattern back onto it's front on the cardboard. Make sure you keep it still while you trace over the lines with pencil. Lift up the paper and you should have something like this.

It transferred very well.

Cut the little bugger out.

Flip it over and trace around it. Cut out the other piece.
Don't try to make it perfect this time just fudge it.

Now you want to glue the two halves together. I used puzzle glue because I had it laying around to use on tomorrow's craft, but a regular old glue stick will work just fine. I also sealed the sides to prevent the two pieces peeling apart. After it dries remove the rest of edges with your cutting tools.

You will probably find the the middle section is very weak. I sure did, but don't fear All you have to do is reinforce it. Use some small long rectangular scarp cardboard pieces and paste them to the middle on both sides.

Now we paint, use your creativity! Make it as cute or realistic as you please.

Me I tried to make mine semi-realistic.
Here are some more photos of the finished bookmark.

I think it is a cutie, maybe even Ripley would like it.
See you all tomorrow with another dorky craft.

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