Sunday, July 12, 2009

Make a True Blood Bottlecap Necklace

Well, True Blood is on the fantasy side of the blog. However, if it's at all dorky then it's up for grabs. This show is a guilty pleasure of mine. If you haven't seen it, here's a formula review.

Twilight + SEX and adult themes+Harry Potter-wizards =True Blood

The show is based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries novels by Charlaine Harris. It revolves around a synthetic blood drink (True Blood) that is created so vampires no longer have to feed on humans and can go public. It's airs on Sundays on HBO, which means tonight.

So if you wish to create this or any other bottle cap necklace follow this guide. Just so you all know this is the easiest and quickest project I have done so far. It took about 30 minutes and that included a 15 minute baking time and 5-10 minutes trying to find a decent pair of wire cutters.

Supply List:

  • A bottle cap
  • 2" lenght of wire (I used picture hanging wire)
  • adhesive that seals well
  • Jewelry cord, I got mine at a local flea market for $1.00
  • Polymer clay of any color of your choosing
  • The true blood image or any other image you want to place on your bottle cap. The image size I used was 1.05" width.
  • Paint and paint brush (optional)
  • Gloss for sealing (optional)

Here's the image I used:
But if you have a funky sized bottle cap you can use this image and size it as you wish.

Now you want to create the little loop for you cord to go through. To do this grab your wire and a paintbrush or any object that you can loop around. The wire length should be about 2 inches.

Then you...


Place the wire into the bottle cap.

Mold you polymer clay until it is soft and fill up the back of your bottle cap.
Now you want to bake your bottle cap face down on parchment paper in the oven according to the directions on the package.
While it baked I took the time to cut out the image and slowly eat some pecan pie (dumb show reference if you don't get it just move on, if you do good for you).
Now remove it from the oven and make sure you wait for it to cool before you touch it, it is metal and it was in the oven.

Since the color of bottle cap was not the one I desired, I painted the edges with red acrylic paint. However, you can be smart and buy a bottle of Coke. If you did just proceed to the next step. If not wait for it dry and then you can go on. Still, you have to admit the paint makes for a good shot for a post about a vampire show.

Glue away, I used puzzle glue, but go ahead and experiment, you might find something better.
Also, I would suggest using a gloss of some kind to make it blend better. I didn't have any so it doesn't look as finished as it could.

Now for the finished product...

modeled by a shifter.

That's it. I bet you guys can guess what I'm watching tonight.

Talk to you soon.


  1. i love you for doing these. its so adorable and dorky. i love the way you narrate them it makes me laugh <3 also, where do you get the ideas for these? do you make them up yourself?

  2. So far I've got inspiration from other crafty people, then I think how can I make this sci fi or fantasy.

  3. Oh WOW! I jsut saw the post on Geek Crafts about your blog and I'm so glad I did-this place is awesome! I would love to link to some of your projects if you didn't mind. They'd be perfect for my Geek Craft Roundups. I'm a huge si-fi nerd and geek crafts are my favorite. I just love your projects!

  4. Oh wow I would love it if you linked to my blog! Thank you so much! Your support really makes me want to add more! Actually I'm doing one right now, I hope to get it posted by tonight. :)

  5. hey there you've got some really neat stuff!

    maybe you could share it on our website? maybe even sell a few?

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