Monday, August 24, 2009

Pokemon Birthday Cake

This cake was created for my friends at college. It's a welcome back to school and a birthday cake for those who had their birthday's during the summer months (which in my circle of friends is a lot). I know that the pokemon chosen seem random. However, they each were chosen because they represent the looks and/or personality of each of my friends.

This is my sister and I's first attempt with fondant, so I think it turned out well. We made our own marshmallow fondant because from what I've read is that it's much cheaper and tastier. It tastes like vanilla marshmallows. To add color we used gel food coloring. Here's the fondant recipe we used. We are very happy with the final result. I just hope I can transport it to school in one piece. The total cost of the cake was around $18 dollars.

Here's the back view
We constructed the figures from a batch of Rice Krispie treats. Each one was covered in colored fondant, we colored it with food color gel (try not to use the liquid food coloring because it will alter the consistency of the fondant and make it too watery).
For the grassy knoll, we use three boxes of cake mix. The buttercream recipe and frosting tip (the ones we used to make the Tribble cupcakes) were used to create the grass. The frosting grass was used to cover our not to perfect fondant cake covering. Still, I think it adds a lot of charm to the pokecake.

More marshmallow fondant was used to add Pokeballs, berries and other details.

After a three hour and 11 minute journey to school with a cake on my lap. (I had my car packed with my school things, so there was not really another option) we finally ate it. Here are some photos of my friends enjoying their pokecake. Happy Birthday to my buddies. I love them.

Everything's HunkyDorky,