Saturday, August 15, 2009

Terminator Converse Sneakers

I would like to thank the awesome Geek Crafts once again, for featuring this craft. It is a true honor and they definitely get the HunkyDorky seal of approval.
Well I lied to you, they're not really converse brand. I used knock offs from the department store, since I knew I was going to be doodling on them. Terminator 2 is high up on my list of all time favorite films. I must say that the Third film is on the bottom of said list. I know I've watched it, but all I can remember is that there is a chick terminator in it. (I think that's a bad sign) So with that I had to celebrate it. I put the logos of the two opposing forces from the films on the sides of my shoes. I used the same technique as I did with the x files back pack.

The right shoe has the Resistance symbol, the Red Double Helix.
The left shoe has the Skynet logo.
I tried to make stencils at first, but the designs were too intricate and small for me to cut out. So I drew and painted them on. I just love my new hi tops, I think I'll wear them until Judgment Day. Or until the T-1000 shows up and I chuck them at him in terror.

Everything's HunkyDorky,


  1. My friend Brennan would die if he had shoes like that. He loves the Terminator and Hi-tops.

  2. If you buy some in his size I would be happy to draw on them for him. :)