Thursday, August 6, 2009

Star Trek TNG Communicator Cookies

First off I would like to apologize for not posting for awhile, I've been absolutely obsessed with Doctor Who (David Tennant) episodes so I had to finish them all before doing anything. This is my desktop right now: Also I finished a project for one of my room mates, which I will post once I give it to her. So no more excuses, for some reason all the baking I do seems to be Star Trek related. (The trend isn't going to end soon either.)
Anyway this is just a test. I got some cookie cutter crafting aluminum wire. Which after a long search at my local stores, and some really odd looks from a home depot employee. I had to buy it online, I bought it here. So I made my first cutter. I wanted it to be simple, so I went with the Star Trek insignia from the series. More specifically the communicator from The Next Generation. (I love Data!) So, I didn't buy the entire kit, just the refill. However, if you want to make some cookie cutters and don't feel too confident with it, I would advise you to get the kit.
Here are the cookie cutter crafting directions I used.
So once again this is just a taste of what's to come. I'll be making some more intricate cookies in the near future. Today I felt like chocolate chip, obviously sugar or any roll out cookies would work better with cookie cutters.

So go off and make some great dorky cookies!

Talk to you sooner than later
(if I ever get over David Tennant leaving Doctor Who *sobs*),


  1. Easy way to make a delta cutter - take a metal heart-shaped cutter of appropriate size and squish the top to points for the bottom of the delta.