Saturday, July 18, 2009

Doctor Who: Easy Adipose Paper Craft

Well I enjoy watching Doctor Who from time to time. One of my favorite little critters from the series are the
Click here to learn more about them.
I did not create the original shape template for this project. I was inspired by this 3D paper craft. So I decided to turn it into something for me and a craft to post on this blog. Hopefully I do not get in trouble for making it.
So if you would like to make it here is what you will need
  • Template sized at 8.5"x11(I printed mine on glossy paper)
  • Scissors
  • glue/scotch tape
Here's the template (click to full size) and make sure you resize it for printing:

That's it. Just cut out the pieces and then put the tabs were they should be, it's quite simple. I really hope someone with loads of printer ink creates an army of these guys. Also,If you are up for some really challenging dorky paper craft projects check out this awesome blog.

Talk to you on tomorrow.


  1. have you considered combining this with so we can make a cuddly one?

  2. If you want a cuddly Adipose, then the webstore (and no doubt other similar stores) sells two versions ...

    10" Plush Adipose:

    Adipose Squeezable Stress Relief Toy: