Thursday, July 16, 2009

Drinks We All Wish Were Real!

Today's post is inspired by Sunday's True Blood bottle cap creation. Of course everyone loves a delicious beverage. Even our fictional friends have some reliable brand names. These are some mouthwatering beverages that I and I think every nerd would love to chug. You should also know that most of these beverages have a real life counterpart that you can buy in energy or alcoholic drink form. Disappointingly, they lack the fun or unsavory side effects.

I am currently the proud owner of six fictional bottle caps (Always looking to add more to my collection if you have any suggestions!). I have ordered my collection in order of personal preference (or the I wish it was real factor)

A the end of my list is...
Slurm Cola
This highly addictive soft drink is from the cult classic animated series Futurama. Which I hear is returning in 2010! This soda pop is created by the Slurm Worms, a race of slug-like aliens. All the galaxy's Slurm is made in a factory on their home world, Wormulon. However, this factory is a just a cover, the true secret of Slurm being a fluid made by the Slurm Queens. Through what I would say is quite a graphic process. It is because of this that Slurm is at the end of my list. However, a drink that tasty is still a little bit tempting. Hey don't judge, I love honey and that's bee spew.

Duff Beer
This next refreshment is a staple in the Simpson household, being Homer's drink of choice. Although it is revealed that regular Duff, Duff Light, and Duff Dry are the all same. Still, no one ever said Homer had a distinguished palette. This is a man who will eat a rotten 10-foot hoagie, 64 slices of American cheese and free sidewalk goo. This beer is only #5 on my list because of its lack of sophistication. However, I can honestly say we could all do with some Duffman commercials.

Romulan Ale
Romulan ale is a intoxicating alcoholic beverage of the Romulans from Star Trek. It has a blue color (it ranges in shades depending on the drinks age). This tantalizing liquid is three on my list for it's ability to be used for medical reasons. It's rarity is also a factor in my choice because of its current illegal status with the Federation. Even the Starfleet replicators have to be programed with the ale's genetic structure first to create it. Even with it being outlawed , almost every Starfleet officer has been shown indulging in it. So if you like some of this blue booze, the only way to find it is on the black market or to make allies with a Romulan fleet of Warbirds. Good Luck with that.

There is no doubt that most of you muggles have heard of this warming drink from the fictional world of Harry Potter. Which, from the film Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, I would say that it contains alcohol. I for one would be overjoyed to taste the drink that Rowling herself describes as "a little bit like less-sickly butterscotch", if such wonder existed in the world, then my days spent daydreaming of brooms sticks and quidditch would seem possible.
Tru Blood
Okay, so this beverage made to be a blood substitute, wouldn't be that appealing to us mortals. But it would mean that we could socialize with the undead, the sultry, seductive types known as vampires. They could finally come out of their closet to be politically correct. With the existence of this drink not just vampires would be out in the open, but other species as well. Such as the werewolves and the shifters. However, with all these new introductions into our world, turmoil will likely takeover, leaving us to wonder if it was worth it in the end. Making it number #2 on the list for it's unbelievable (cool) and political consequences.

And the winner...
Wonka's Fizzy Lifting Drinks
My number one fantasy drink can be found in the classic Gene Wilder film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Not the horrifying remake (seriously it gave me nightmares). This fizzing elixir isn't just tasty, but causes you to float. Who doesn't want that? The ability to fly from a simple sip. It would change the society in which we live. We could travel using this soft drink and release much fewer carbon emissions into the atmosphere. We would be transporting, using only our natural gases. It would be a more flatulent world, but a greener one. Hear me scientists, invent Wonka's Fizzy Lifting Drinks and save the polar bears!

FYI, the caps above were created in the same way as Sunday's post, just in case I choose to wear them as jewelry or give them away as presents.

Here are the images. Just in case you want to make your own fantasy bottle cap collection. These labels were either found online and altered or created entirely in photoshop.

Talk to you soon,


  1. you are so cute for making all these!

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